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This product will dramatically change the low voltage pre-wire industry.  In the past, contractors who wished to comply with a clients request to only pre-wire for home theatre or whole house audio, were forced to leave speaker wire behind drywall or put up unsightly electrical boxes with blank plates to give future access to the wire.     
EZ-Cap Pre-Wire  Installation Kit EZ-Cap Pre-Wire  Installation Kit
With the EZ-Cap Pre-Wire Installation Kit,  this is no longer a problem.  This product allows easy access to prewiring while staying low profile while not in use.  With this product, you have the ability to pick a location for your speaker components, and secure the wire in place.  After the wall board is installed, you can apply the cap over the wire outlet hole in the drywall, allowing easy access to the wires in the future.  This system is easy to use, inobtrusive, and blends in with the wall leaving a clean professional finished look.
a smart new pre-wire solution a smart new pre-wire solution
The EZ-CAP Pre-Wire Installation Kit consists of two parts, the base cylinder and fan, and the cap that will hide the wires from view
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