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hi all I have made some cider with the ez cap system out of motts apple juice the easiest juice I could find around here and I put it in the empty two liter bottles and added sugar and yeast not too much though because too much of any of those two can ruin your whole process.The first two gallon batches I made I used white table sugar while on the second 2 gallon batch I used brown table sugar.I don't recall doing anything really special after that and I let the stuff do it's thing for about 5-7 days for the first gallon batch then 3-4 days for the second 2 gallon batch .I guess my question is I have put both of my most recent 2 gallon batches in the fridge to clarify and for the most part they have I guess the part I'm not understanding is the smell is it still supposed to smell like something is rotting?

sounds like it's the C02 you're smelling, which can smell like rotten eggs. i doubt anything went wrong since it's only been one week.
ok well that's a relief I'm kind of new to this home brewing thing so this a trial run .how long do I need to wait to taste my product ?Is there any real guideline or do you just taste it whenever? :!:
it never hurts to taste it on that last day of fermenting to see how it is. if it's too sweet, let it ferment a few days longer (if it's still bubbling a bit - even slowly!) most normal fermentation is 5-7 days but with more sugar for the yeast to consume it can take as long as two-three weeks. also remember that the taste will "develop and smooth-out" over time. although it's hard sometimes to wait!
hi everyone ,
I'm happy to report after trying to make several batches without much luck I was able to get 4 gallons of my cider to come out the way I wanted them to.I didn't ferment them for very long just about 7 days after which I prematurely decided to bottle in large gallon containers and stick them in the fridge to clarify.Yeah all is good I think this batch will turn out nice I'm trying to age them until the summer and then drink it I hope I can wait.I want this to turn out better then the mass produced ciders I've tried those just taste like beer and too much alcohol .My question is just when is it the best time to add spices like cinnamon,nutmeg,cloves,all-spice etc?

hi all ,i just made a gallon of this apple juice cider and tbh bloody hell i was shocked that it came out as good as it did all i did was follow the recipes that came with the e-z caps and waited one week lovely if you read this and you dont own e-z caps buy some.

a slightly tipsy user lol
I was just wondering how long should I let my cider age before trying it? I tried one of my bottles today and it didn't taste very good what have I done wrong?
cidermaker Wrote:I was just wondering how long should I let my cider age before trying it? I tried one of my bottles today and it didn't taste very good what have I done wrong?

Describe the flavor. Was it too dry (sour) ? This is a sign that it either fermented too long or didn't have enough sugar added at the start of fermentation. You can "back sweeten" it, meaning letting it clarify a little bit, and then adding more sugar AND THEN CLOSING THE CAP REALLY QUICK OR YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE A CIDER GEYSER and putting it back into the fridge.