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Full Version: Fermentation question, newby please help
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Hello just got my ezcaps and have been fermenting (I think) for 7 days. I saw what appears to be mold on the ezcap slit that is bulging. Is it still fermenting? The bottle is hard and teeny tiny bubbles come up from inside the bottle. I guess I thought it would be more foamy when fermenting. Is it still fermenting? I followed the cider recipe in the instructions and used 1/8th a tsp yeast. :?:

It is probably still fermenting. Odds are it is NOT mold. Sometimes during a very active fermentation, a little juice comes out with the CO2 and can get caked up on the slit. You can very easily take the bottle over to the sink and rinse that off with hot water.

Was your bottle really, really full? That might've lent itself to some juice coming out. I usually only fill a 2 litter bottle up to where the straight part of the bottle starts to curve upwards.
I think it was just some of the juice as the cider does not appear to be effected. Brewed for 2 weeks and tasted strong but still sweet. Clarifying it now. Can't wait to try it!