EZ Caps

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How many pounds of pressure in 'PSI' does the e-z-caps hold the liquid at during fermintation?
I live at 5,000 ft above sea level. Will I need to adjust sugar levels, fermintation time, or yeast?
I have just started home brewing with a 'mr beer' kit that I got for Christmas.
I look forward to trying my "e-z-caps" because carbination occurs in the first and only stage of ferminting.
The caps hold the same amount of pressure as any other carbonated beverage and you shouldn't have to to adjust any recipes due to altitude.

swarington Wrote:because carbination occurs in the first and only stage of ferminting.

That's not correct.

Carbonation is a result of fermentation and can occur at any time there is live yeast and something for it to consume (ie sugars).

Your Mr. Beer kit is a case in point. When brewing with Mr. Beer, you add a little amount of sugar to the finished product as you bottle it. That is done after the 2-4 weeks that you ferment. That small amount of sugar added to each beer bottle AFTER the main fermentation, is to start the fermenting process again so the beer will be carbonated when you get ready to drink it.

Due to your altitude your fermentation times may be a little different, could be a little slower. But no more sugar or yeast is needed just because of the altitude.
What PSI does the valves begin to "blow off"?