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yeast & caps
I have two questions. How tough would it be to make a 3 litter version of the ez-cap to work with my tap-a-draft kit?
And do you sell bulk beer yeast or do you only have bulk for wine/cider?
One additional question. Once you start to drink this how long will it hold carbonation -- is it pretty much a sit and drink it all at once?
I actually drilled a hole in the top of a 1 liter soda cap then hotglued an ez-caps on top of it. The caps found on 1-liter Pepsi bottles fit perfectly on the tap-a-draft kegs. I have notice that you can usually drink half of a 2-liter bottle and still have a little carbonation left in the remainder up to a week later. I like mine well carbonated though so I just pour it all into my miller fridge/tap-a-draft kegs and force carbonate it. Those Miller & Coors fridge draft kegs are almost identical to the tap-a-draft system. The main difference is that they are made with a thicker plastic and that they use a single 16 Gram C02 cartridge instead of 2 8 gram cartridges. The bottles are interchangeable. In fact, I just bought an drank a couple of the Coors fridge drafts, then place new cartridges in them and bought a bunch of tap-a-draft bottles from Midwest supplies. The only thing you need to do is take a vice grips or rubber strap wrench to twist out the cartridge holder after the original is spent in order to break the holder locks. Which I must add are nothing more than a couple of small plastic tabs to discourage you from twisting it out and reusing it over and over again.
I’ve been using Tap-a-Draft for years. I have the old model that uses two 8 gram Co2 cartridges I also use the Miller draft mini kegs. I believe Tap-A-Draft makes them for Miller. The new Tap-a-Draft model is identical to the Miller kegs. Tap-a-Draft also makes a pressure release cap. I purchase it because the black caps that come with the bottles were leaking under pressure. They say you can brew and condition using this cap. I haven’t used it for that purpose They also make a replacement for the black cap which doesn’t leak , these I use. Tap-a-draft will work with 3 liter soda bottles too. I can purchase two 3 liter soda bottles for less than half the cost of one 6 liter empty Tap-a-draft bottle.

I just spent 6 hours over the weekend brewing an all grain beer. I going to start brewing in smaller batches using the E-Z caps. Smaller batches take less time and I’ll be able to brew more often. I can also experiment with recipes with less waste.

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