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My mead exploits
Was only a matter of time before I moved into mead. Got my first batch bubbling now. Very simple for starts. Git some all natural local farm honey, a little over a pound, maybe 1.5 (I know, a lot for 2 litres but I like sweet) 2/3 cup brown sugar, then water n yeast. Very easy. Very simple. Oh and two Raisens for food for yeast. Letting sit until I get back in town in January. Maybe longer, Idk.
Jab of Brady Brews
Well I kept it in there longer than I planned, but it turned out great. Had some girls try it and they said it tasted just like some of the expensive wines their parents had. Good start i guess Big Grin added a lil cinamon and some more brown sugar, capped it in another bottle, and gonna let it sit for a while longer. Has a nice golden brown color. I stare at it longingly.... gonna be worth the wait i hope
Anyway, starting a second batch, but adding in blueberries. Pretty much same recipe with a few servings of frozen blueberries. GF loves blueberries, so figure she'll love this.
if it works :ugeek:
Jab of Brady Brews
For the sake of the mere fact that my posts look like crap I'm making a fancy looking one that is easy to follow.

Brady Blueberry Mead
List of Ingredients:
  • 1. 1 lbs. Local Honey (I'm from Nebraska, so I went with Jackson Hill)
    2. 2/3 Cup Sugar
    3. About Two Servings of Frozen* Blueberries (Went with Sunnyridge from Florida)
    4. 1 tsp All Natural Vanilla
    5. Water
    6. 2L Bottle, Pan, EzCap Wine Yeast, Small Pitcher

Now here's what I did. The very first thing I did was fill the pot with water, heated it on the stove, and put the honey in it. Warms the the honey, makes it flow nice and smooth. While its warming, in the small pitcher I mixed the some water, vanilla, and brown sugar together and mixed until blended. When that was completed, the honey went into this as well (all of it). After stirring until blended (time may vary depending on honey), I CAREFULLY poured it all into the two liter bottle.
At this point I took the blueberries out of the freezer and began to put them into the two liter bottle, an annoying and long process as you can only do one at a time. After I had about half a box, which I guessed to be two servings ish, it all depends on how much you want to put in, I added in the Wine Yeast. Closing of the lid, I aerated it for a minute, then removed lid and put on the EzCap lid.

Now I did this for two different kinds of blueberries, my personal favorite being the Sunnyridge, and for comparisons sake, I used he frozen blueberries from Hyvee, you know, the kind that come in the bag. I'll work on getting pictures up!
Jab of Brady Brews
Ok, I've become slightly obseesed with mead of the blueberry sort. Mostly because I had two pounds of honey and half a box of frozen blueberries left, along with an empty 2 liter of ginger ale. Anyways, another recipe.
  • 1. 2 lbs Honey
    2. 1/4 cup brown sugar
    3. Half box of blueberries
    4. 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
    5. 2 lipton tea chamomile packets
    6. Enough water to fill to 80%

Yes, I put chamomile tea into the water before adding it to the mixture. I just went to aerate it, and it kinda sprayed everywhere like in the movies. Needless to say, after four days, it tastes amazing. Now to go shower...
Jab of Brady Brews
I just got into meade making myself (cause I married a viking), and my EZCaps arrived today (hooray). I love your idea for chamomile tea in your meade...I'm growing fresh chamomile this year, as well as lavender, and you've got me thinking of adding in some fresh clippings into a batch or two...we'll see how that turns out once they are in bloom.

I currently have 3 batches going...a 2liter with clementine slices and peel, a 2liter with apple peels, a cinnamon stick, and one whole allspice...and my first batch, a one gallon carboy with an airlock, has a couple peach slices, some blueberries (idea from your post), and lemon zest. Really looking forward to tasting them.

I haven't added any extra sugar to the batches, just the honey, purified water, the fruit additives, and yeast. wondering if these will be too dry now, but guess we'll see in a few weeks.

Looking for other ideas for a 'manly brew' because my viking hubby is all man, and isn't interested in frilly foo-foo drinks, as he lovingly describes them.

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