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New in this EZ stuff (step one done - ORDERED)
patience is not one of my pros...

I've opened the bottle, tasted it and measured the density Smile

Aroma is nice, fermented liquid, no contamination, not vinegar aroma, few alcohol aroma. Good!

Taste is nicer than expected! Seems to have low alcohol, not as sweet as expected, so good for me I like dry beverages, a lot of bubbles (maybe too much), better than some ciders you can buy in the supermarket. I used a 0.53€/liter apple juice (of course not the best brand in the market :mrgreen: ) so I expect better results using better apple juice or natural apple juice.

Alcohol... the new density measurement gives me 1035-1040, but it is quite difficult to measure due to the bubbles that are pushing up the densimeter. According to online calculators it is something like 2.5 to 3.5%. For a real measurement I should remove the bubbles... but I t prefer to drink it Smile

I'm very happy with my purchase!

Next batch... Red grape juice! Also a cheap one to make the first tests (les than 1€ per liter).

I also bought 1 liter of Muscat grape juice to make a fashion moscato wine Smile
it seems not so much people here... well I'll continue...

2nd BATCH (25-02-2012)
1l 100% White grape juice (0.89€/l)
50g white sugar
Yeast (re-use of 1st batch + new yeast)
1.5l bottle
Initial density 1082 g/l
26-02-2012 --> yeast from 1st batch added (the remaining of the bottle) + I also added a little bit of cava (catalan champagne) I did not finish it an I don't like to throw away alcoholic beberages Smile
06-03-2012 --> density 0.98 g/l --> time to put it ib the fridge

tomorrow or un 48 hours I'll bottle it and leave it fore few weeks or months Smile

I also started another batch, this time with muscat grape juice.

3rd BATCH (28-02-1012)
2l 100% White grape juice (Muscat)
50g white sugar
Yeast (new)
2l bottle
Initial density 1076 g/l
06-03-2012 --> Density 1.040 g/l

I have to wait till 1.016-1-010 g/l to bottle it.
Hello Ultraputa,
I have enjoyed your brewing escapes. I have had my EZcaps for about 6 months and have enjoyed making cider, wine and ginger ale quite a bit. I very much liked using white grape juice. I will be moving to Castril in southern Spain this May. I was wondering where you are buying your juice? I will be taking my caps with me and will need good cheap juice.

... good idea to move close to Granada... the nicest city I've ever visited in Spain (I'm from Barcelona).

In Spain you can buy white or red grape juice everywhere. All supermarkets have them. You can find it in tetra brick or glass bottle. It is called "mosto". You can also find muscat grape juice. All of them 100% juice, some from concentrate, some just pressed.

You can also find apple juice everywhere, ginger is not so easy to find, but big supermarkets such as Carrefour, Alcampo (Auchan), etc. and some fruit shops have ginger.

Regular price for a grape juice is around 1€ per liter, a little bit more for the muscat one. Apple juice from 0.5€/l to 1.5€//l depending on the quality, if it is made from concentrate or just pressed.


Depending on the places you can also buy fresh pressed grape juice during the season, usually in quite big quantities (25 or 50l). You will need to look around Castril.
In Spain countryside it is quite usual to have your own barrels and make the wine at home, of course, not sugar and yeast added. Here the grape is sweet enough to get around 13% without adding sugar. Unfortuntelly I live in a flat in the city Sad
I really enjoyed reading this post...
Thanks for the info on the juice. When is the season for grapes?
LeaMarie Wrote:I really enjoyed reading this post...

LeaMarie Wrote:I really enjoyed reading this post...

Now I have batches at the same time Smile

2l Cider
1l White grape
1l White grape (muscat)
1l Banana

I already added 200g of sugar to the banana, and it seems now the fermentation is over. 200g for 1 liter... I hope it is enough to reach the max. alcohol grade using this yeast Smile It is a bomb drink for friday 13th night Smile
ultraputa Wrote:
LeaMarie Wrote:I really enjoyed reading this post...

I learned something new from you...Thanks

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