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Other sugars for cider/mead?
Has anyone experimented with other fermentable sugars (other than table sugar or I guess honey) for cider/wine recipes?
I am thinking of:
Dextrose, Glucose, or Lactose
Dry Malt Extract (or Liquid)
Agave Syrup
Maple Syrup
Brown Sugar (or sugar [saccharose] and molasses I think)
Any other interesting sources of sugar that you guys/gals have tried?
I am thinking of trying DME in a cider (I make beer so I have a cup or so to spare) to make it a little malty.
I have used dextrose. It ferments well but it makes the cider more "cidery" tasting. Not a bad thing, just different.

I recently made a guava "wine" and I was thinking of using DME next time I made it. If you use DME please post your experience.

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