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Bad Smell on grape juice/wine
My last attempt, the bottle had a bad smell of rotten eggs - just slightly.
Taste was good. I attempted to persere it by adding 1/16 tsp. of Sodium Metesulphite.
Transferring it to a glass bottle and refrigeration, the smell
dissipated to just barely noticeable. Was it the plastic bottle?
Prof. Bob
I don't think it was the plastic bottle. Did the grape juice have any additives?
Probably, it was store bought grape juice.
Sometimes grape juice has preservatives in them that slow the initial fermentation and that can add off aromas. Also, very high alcohol drinks sometimes produce aromas from all the additional yeast activity. Usually letting a fine EZ Capped wine like that "breathe" before drinking is all that is necessary.
is it rotten eggs ?..ive read somewhere this is the smell you can get if the dpf has broken up or summit similar,give it a search
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