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Too much carbonation
I've let my cider ferment for 5 days. Tastes a bit strong but I mix it with a bit of straight apple juice to bring back the sweetness. However, it has way too much carbonation. Any ideas on how to bring down the level of carbonation? If I bottle it straight from the 2 liters, it foams over when opened several weeks later. Using different juices with 3/4 cup sugar. Any suggestions?
Is this a refrigerated beverage? The colder the temp, the more gas a fluid retains, so less carbonation. That's why you never want to open a warm bottle of champagne.

If its just too carbonated for you, the easiest way to bring that down is to unscrew the cap and let some of the gas escape naturally. You don't have to completely remove the cap, but it should be pretty loose.

EZ Caps retain more carbonation when they are new. The more times you reuse the cap, the less carbonated the beverages will be.
Thank you for the response. It is after refrigeration. However the caps are new. I will crack the top for a day and see if that helps...

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