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Beer w/ E-Z caps
I want to try making a beer with e-z caps . The only problem I havenot come up with is how much priming sugar for Two 2 literbottles . Ideally I would make a gallon of beer and let it fermentcompletely using a conventional fermentaion lock . Then siphon itoff into bottles with E-Z caps , add a weak sugar syrup and let itcarbonate for a week or so . I believe it is necessary to get thebeer of of the trub ( spent yeast and protien sedimement ) so itdoes not get too bitter . Does anyone have any idea of how muchsugar to use in the syrup ? I usually use 5 ounces of corn sugardissolved in 8 ounces of water for a 5 gallon batch of beer thenbottle it in 12 ounce bottles . It would be much less for twobottles . Look for a report on my results in a couple of weeks .ORGINAL POSTER: ariesmoon69

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