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Re: EZ Caps
Welcome to easy caps!1. Depends - depends on what your making, how long you let it brew, how muchsugar you added... 99.?% of the time, I would say it tastes 'good' or better!Smile2. Remove from fridge - if there is still live yeast (VERY likely) and sugar(also VERY likely), it will start fermenting again when it warms up. This isnot bad, but expect the flavor to change, the alcohol content to rise, and morebubbles.3. Sit around for a month - I would expect it to 'finish' fermenting; either dueto eating all the sugar or the yeast dying of alcohol poisoning. You may needto put it back in the fridge for a couple days to re-clarify.Ask away! We love helping people make tasty treats!--- "beecool03" wrote:>> Hey Im new to ez caps I was wondering can anyone help me get some questionsanswered.>> How does the beverage taste after your finished?> What would happen if I took the beverage out the fridge after it hasclarified? and I wanted it to sit around my room for a month?>> I have more questions..>> if you have anymore advice can you please help me learned the new ez cap wayof wine making and beer>ORGINAL POSTER: willum

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