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Re: [E-Z-Caps] Re: Beer w/ E-Z caps
The problem is. From what I know about beer making. After you transfer fermented wort inot a bottle with a EZ Cap you will have a problem. Don't the EZ caps allow gases to escape? If so how are you going to carbonate your beer in a bottle with the EZ cap on it. In order to carbonate carbon dioxide gases need to remain in the bottle. EZ Capsmaintain carbonation and only allow excess gasses to escape.(that's kinda the point behind the invention. Anything else wouldjust be a cap with a hole in it) In that respect they are safer becauseyou can bottle prematurely and not worry about bursting. For beer,the ideal use of EZ Caps is the single-vessel fermentation system, justlike the "beer machine" or "mister beer".ORGINAL POSTER: terracore

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