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Re: [E-Z-Caps] Mailing list special! 10 bottles of EZ Caps yeast only $19.99
There's no way an average person can use this much before going bad unless we have more ez-caps.What about a sale on some caps too?--- On Sun, 6/14/09, Steve wrote: From: Steve Subject: [E-Z-Caps] Mailing list special! 10 bottles of EZ Caps yeast only $19.99 To: Date: Sunday, June 14, 2009, 12:13 PM Due to an ordering mistake I have an excess inventory of EZ Caps yeast so I'm letting it go to the faithful readers of this forum at an unbelieveable savings. This sale is for over 5 ounces of yeast AND WILL CONTAIN OVER 10 BOTTLES WORTH OF EZ CAPS YEAST and ""nearly free"" shipping. This yeast is bulk packaged, meaning it will arrive in a ziplock style bag and not 10 individual bottles. It is the exact same EZ Caps yeast I've been selling for years. The only thing different is the packaging. This unprecedented sale price of $19.99 brings the cost per unit to below $1.99 a bottle which normally retails for $5.99. This could be enough yeast to last you for years if you properly store it in the refrigerator. I might be crazy for selling it so cheap but I need to reduce my inventory. Unlike past sales which were for 72 hours this sale is for a limited number of units at this price. So it could end in a few hours or a few days depending on demand. To be fair to everybody on this list I'm limiting the number of units per household to 3. Please do not try to order more than 3 units (well over 30 bottles worth of yeast) at this price. To catch this offer go to http://www.e- sale.html before it's too late.ORGINAL POSTER: robin

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