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Re: [E-Z-Caps] Adding more sugar for higher alcohol and sweeter drink?
It is preferred to add the sugar up front.But if for some reason you don't, you can add more sugarlater. Just be careful because as soon as you add anything to acarbonated beverage it is going to get upset. The best way is toslowly remove the cap and relieve the pressure. Then let it sit forabout an hour. Then add the sugar and be prepared to replace the cap QUICKLY.At 10:09 PM 6/22/2009, you wrote:>If I wanted to end up with a sweeter wine would I add more sugar up>front, or the regular amount up front, then after a few days add more?>>How would this affect the alcohol content?>>For example, using one of the standard recipes on the site, it calls>for 1 cup sugar. If I leave this for 7-10 days, then a few days in>the fridge, my last batch turned out on the dry side (and sour too>for some reason). But I want to end up with a sweeter product,>something like the sweetness of grape juice but with a kick.>>>>------------------------------------>>Yahoo! Groups Links>>>ORGINAL POSTER: steve

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