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Re: [E-Z-Caps] Re: What size is the LARGE can of Welche''s juice?
At 10:07 PM 6/22/2009, you wrote:>So make it according to the can like you're making just regular>grape juice? Why do the EZ Caps instructions say to 80% of the>required water when using the smaller can? I always thought the>intention was to have a more 'concentrated' grape juice to start>with, since the instructions say to use 80% of the water.>What instructions are you referring to? I just looked at theinstructions that come with the kit and it doesn't say anything likethat. When you are filling up your 2 liter bottle only fill theBOTTLE 80-90% full. The empty space "head room" is necessary toprevent foam from coming out of the top during a violent fermentation.ORGINAL POSTER: steve

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