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My Cider exploits
Well I'm going to list my cider recipes and such on here that I make. Comment if you'd like, I just feel like sharing Big Grin
My first recipe is what I'm calling "straight hard cider"
Fairly simple, at least from what I've been reading.

2 Cans Apple Juice from Concentrate (Frozen, but I put in fridge so its liquid when i start mixing)
1 cup brown sugar (will know if that's enough or not when done, subject to change)
1 tsp Cinnamon
1 tsp Vanilla (I put it in everything, and my first batch had it, and it turned out good, so just throwing it in there for luck)
1/8 tsp nutmeg (for flavor and to mix in with that cinnamon smell i love)
1 tbsp All Natural Honey (Just because I had it, I love honey, and it might help the taste a little. If anything more food for the yeast, greedy lil buggers)
1/8 tsp EZ Caps wine yeast.

First thing I did, as said above, is stick the frozen cans of juice in the fridge overnight to melt. Easy enough.
Then I mixed everything but the yeast, along with three cans of water, for about five minutes, to make sure the cinnamon, brown sugar, nutmeg, and honey all got mixed in good. At this point, it had an amazing smell of what could only be described as the best cider I've ever smelled, and a rich dark texture. (I'm tempted to make another batch just for that, will post picture later).
I then transferred this mixture into a two liter bottle, where I added the yeast and placed the ezcap lid, gave it a few light shakes, and put it in the cupboard.
Planning on letting it sit for ten days.
Then Into the fridge for another three days.
Then tasting. Then, if all goes well, bottling and repeating Big Grin
Thanks for reading! Any advice/tips/comments/constructive criticism would be enjoyed. My first batch of cider my friends loved, hoping this one will top it Wink
Jab of Brady Brews
SO! How'd it turn out??
I am doing something sort of similar, I have two cans of concentrate, about 1/4 cup of honey, 1 cup of sugar, handfull of craisins, and finally a dash of vanilla :o
I will be sure to let everyone know how this goes; I can't wait. Big Grin

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