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Water Kefir
For those of you out there that are not familiar with water kefir....well, you should be! It is a great way to make delicious sodas that are low calorie and full of probiotics. You can make any flavor you want and the "grains" that you use to ferment can be used over and over again, indefinitely. One problem that I see many people having to deal with is, on the second fermentation, to get a nicely carbonated drink, pressure has to build in the container. I've seen people using expensive equipment, special bottles, etc. Even then, there are many stories of having bottles explode. :o Another way around this is to remember to "burp" your bottles on occasion. Uh, not gonna happen....I will forget. The absolute, most perfect solution to this is the E-Z Caps! I can't believe how simple it is to brew up a nice, healthy, tasty, fizzy soda with these!!!! I'm in love with this product. :lol: :lol: :lol:

Now, I know I found this product for brewing...But there really is no better solution for getting the absolutely, deliciously fizzy drinks without worrying about having to clean a kitchen or refrigerator full of broken glass and juice.

Here are a few recipes for water kefir out there:
Add vanilla extract = cream soda
Add lemon juice = sparkling lemonade
Add grape, apple, cherry, pomegranate, etc = fruit soda
Add ginger = ginger ale

The possibilities are endless! And for you die-hard alcoholics....It does contain a slight bit of alcohol. You can ferment it even more to get it higher, but the second 24 hour fermentation is safe for kiddos. Oh! And for the "tree-huggers", you will be repurposing a 2 liter bottle that would otherwise end up...somewhere.

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