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Straining/Filterization, hows everyone getting the yeast out
How is everyone else getting the yeast and leftover residue out of the bottles, i'm using coffee filters out of a coffee machine but im just curious if there is more fluent ways of doing it.
Sorry it took me so long to approve and reply to this post. For some reason my email didn't get the notification.

The best way I have found is to not try and filter it at all. Once clarified the sediment on the bottom should be fairly thick and you can pour off almost the entire beverage leaving the sediment on the bottom. Some of the sediment may transfer to the new vessel, but then if you repeat the process, you are generally left with a nearly perfectly clarified beverage.

I have read of people who make much larger quantities of beer or wine using a 12v pump and a sediment filter (the type you would use for a whole-house water filtration system) to speed up the process with large quantities. I guess your coffee filter method is a smaller version of that, however I think paper coffee filters aren't porous enough to be efficient. Perhaps try using cheese cloth folded over several times?
I've been using the same method as you Ezcaps. Works well for my needs anyway.

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